Monday, March 28, 2016

Coming up roses.
I always seem to find myself either in Proverbs or Psalms if I need a pick me up or just my go to places to read. I decided I would "dress up" a page in Psalms with my first attempt at roses. (didn't practice before hand on scrap and mine came out fine but I wouldn't suggest it lol)
I can't wait to try it again and do some different types of flowers.  After doing this page I promptly went to the library and checked out watercolor books on how to do flowers. I think they are just so beautiful and these went up Really fast. I hope you take some time today and smell or paint some roses :)
It always brings a smile to my face!
Supplies: Pencil, "golden matte medium"(to prep my page), and watercolors.

Happy early Birthday to me!!

My loving parents gave me a new journal bible!!!!!!! (can you tell I am excited?)

This is the Esv Interweave bible.
The bible has a hard cover tan fabric cover. It comes in this nice hard box so if you give it as a gift it looks really nice and keeps it safe from damage.
Both of my bibles are from
I have purchased from them for Years! and I am very pleased with the prices and how quickly you receive your items.

These are my two journal bibles that I currently have. As you can see the interleave is a lot larger then my 2 inch column bible.
The interleave has a full blank page between two pages of scripture. So you can do journaling or art on the page and have no worries of it bleeding through or covering the scripture. That is one thing I personally choose not to do is cover it so I can't read it because I use my bibles for studying or to bring to church. (if that is the type of creativity and option you personally choose then that is great! Go with it and let God use you as you create and study his word)

The bottom is the interleave and the top is my 2 inch margin bible. I have put washi tape on the beginning of each book of the bible. The interleave I did it on the long part of my bible and the 2 inch margin bible I put it on the top of the page. It was SOOO much easier to do the edge and I must say I love the look of it way better. I would definitely recommend anyone doing it!
***Tip- Go slow and take your time. Don't be in a rush and have less distractions as possible and you will have less chance of messing up. :)

Create in me a clean heart. The lord loves us no matter the sin or the life we have. He loves us and wants us to be part of his family. He will make that sinful heart clean and made new. I pray that my thoughts and my heart are now on Him and not of this world. Create in me a clean heart!

Supplies: Golden matte finish to prep the page, chalk, and micron pen.

Do you feel overwhelmed? That life and the worry is taking over you thoughts? Days like that do come and this verse in Psalms really hits home to me. When my Heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher then I. I am not having to rely on me and my self to get through the hard times or stress of life. That when those times come that I can go to Him and know that he is in control of it all.

Supplies: Colored pencils and micron pens were

I always love how God always knows everything! How many hairs on my head or the stars in the sky. God knows each and everyone of us and I am so blessed that he does care for me.
A quick and easy page that is fun and a special reminder that he loves me...
 The page was prepped, colored pencils, and micron pens.

I total mess up!!

Have you ever messed up on a page it was Way to late to fix it? Well, this was me! I prepped the page before this and then I went and cleaned my brush. When I came back the pages had stuck together and I flipped by mistake to the next page! I drew it all out in pen and then I realized when I went to mark the words I wanted in the boot. I had drawn it on the WRONG page! an unprepped page and not the page I had intended to do it on. So instead I went with it. I realized that this is a learning mistake and that it doesn't matter I can still use this as a reminder that I am to use the Spiritual gifts that God has given me.
Psalms 90:2
Before the mountains were brought forth From everlasting you are God

What a wonderful promise this is. That God has been and always will be! Why worry? he is there and will take care of us.
I used watercolor and Micron pens to create this page.